Causes of a website’s high bounce rate

Why visitors leave a page immediately does not necessarily indicate weak content. Often there is something completely different behind it. Basically, the causes can be divided into two categories:

Technical reasons

Incorrect integration of the tracking code

If you are using a web analytics tool, a tracking code has been included in the source code. The tracking code enables the analysis of your page. If the code is installed incorrectly, the bounce rate may be measured too high or too low.

Long loading times

Long loading times disturb the visitor so that he disappears again prematurely or loses the desire to stay longer on the website.

Display problems

Websites must function reasonably on all major end devices. If the content is not easy to grasp, visitors will leave immediately. This is especially true for users of smartphones and tablets.

Content reasons


If the content is spurned, the visitor may not be one of the intended target customers. Then you need to ask yourself a few basic questions: Am I generating traffic correctly? Do I know my target customers well enough?

Lack of trustworthiness

Spelling mistakes and inappropriate visuals look unserious. Sure, authenticity is more important than ever. But if you offend the eye of your target customer, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

Unattractive offer

Yes, of course, there is such a thing. An offer that doesn’t appeal to the visitor at all, even though the visitor is in principle a target customer. However, scaring someone off so quickly is almost an achievement 😉

Insufficient usability

The structure and layout of your pages have an enormous influence on the user experience because a visitor must be able to orient himself in a fraction of a second. However, pages often look chaotic: colors, fonts, images, and even navigation do not comply with the principles of good usability.


Sure, a business website is advertising per se. But what is extremely annoying are irrelevant offers at the wrong time in the wrong context. This is especially true for overlays and pop-ups. In general, everything irrelevant that moves (including sliders) are disruptive factors.

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